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This program has over 100 video lessons, hundreds of articles written by the experts in the field of addiction, meditation, journaling, and much more. Available 24/7 where ever you have internet access.

Lets face it, 12 step programs are good to connect to sober, like minded people. Therapy is great to get to the bottom of past issues that may be affecting you in the now. Medical assisted treatment can help curb your cravings. But what about the times when you are by yourself, left alone with your thoughts – maybe at 2AM, when there are no 12 step meetings happening?

Enter lifeROCs – education on your phone, computer, even XBOX and PlayStation!

lifeROCs has all the tools you are looking for – and even some you don’t even realize that you need – to complete your battleplan and walk in victory in your life free from the binds of addiction.

We welcome you, and we walk with you – with:

  • more than 70% of our ROCmentors living in recovery
  • the founder not only in recovery¬† but a director at one of the largest private treatment facilities in the state
  • the founder sitting on a government appointed seat for criminal justice as it relates to substance abuse
  • teamed with doctors and therapists

We’re sure we know what you need and that there are times you need it when no other help is available.

So again I ask you to face the facts. With the rise of Fentanyl, relapse could mean death. So become a ROCmember and TAKE all the tools you need for success.