Think Small, Act Big

Getting started in recovery can be intimidating and confusing. You may not know exactly where to start. Sure, you may have been given some recommendations as you completed or neared completion of rehab, but it’s one thing to listen and read about tips and quite another to actually get out there and make use of them.

This comes with time and practice, as well as a great deal of determination and effort.

Here’s a strategy that can help you ease into the goal-setting part of recovery and make it a little easier for you to be successful in your sobriety. Think of small goals to begin with. There’s no need to go after the toughest project or task you can possibly think of. Just because others are involved in something that you’d really like to do, if you are not ready for it yet, it’s probably best that you start with something that is more reasonable and manageable. That way, you’re more likely to be successful in your attempt.

While you begin with small tasks and projects that you have a reasonable likelihood of being able to achieve or complete, go into the activity with a positive attitude. Be optimistic and determined and follow through with determined action. So, while you may be starting small, you are acting big.

Why is this strategy effective? You lay out plans that are achievable. You work at it and gain confidence and self-esteem with each successful task, project or goal achieved.

Another tip about thinking small and acting big is to learn how to break down complex or difficult tasks or projects into smaller and more manageable chunks. This is a skill that will come in handy when you are more established in your recovery foundation. In fact, it is a highly desirable problem-solving skill that is extremely beneficial for everyone – in any stage of recovery.


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