Believe You Can Succeed

Undoubtedly the most important thing for you, if you are new to sobriety and just beginning your journey in recovery, is how to set realistic goals and how soon you’ll be able to achieve them. If you follow most of the previous strategies, you’ll be on your way to being able to do just that.

But there is a little more to the equation than wishing it was so. A critical component is the belief that you can succeed. If you have such a belief, whatever amount of effort you need to put into achieving a goal will not only be worth it, but it will also make the time go faster while you are in the process of obtaining or attaining your goal.

What is often helpful to newcomers to sobriety is to begin with small and manageable lists of goals. These should be considered as a work in progress, something that you will be revising as you go along. That is because many new opportunities will present themselves, some that you may never before have considered or that seemed totally out of reach, some that you rejected as undoable, or simply didn’t know about. When you are making progress, visible through the accomplishment of a number of the smaller goals on your list, you’ll want to expand into new areas.

This should cause you to stretch yourself a little, to go beyond your current comfort zone as you seek to learn and master new things. Such effort, in turn, will increase your knowledge and your experience and will broaden your horizons. You will begin to see many new and different possibilities than ever occurred to you before.

This is the exciting time in recovery, and it comes to everyone who works diligently, with perseverance and determination, sticks to the plan, who maintains hope and a positive attitude, learns from their mistakes, thinks small and acts big, and appreciates what they have.

Are there more than seven strategies for successful sobriety? There are as many strategies as you find that work for you. If you happen upon something, some practice or technique or plan that consistently produces the kind of results you are after, then you have discovered something useful and valuable to you. Definitely use what you have learned, but also be open-minded so that you are able to recognize and take advantage of new strategies and tips that you hear about or see demonstrated or learn for yourself. This is what successful sobriety is all about – constantly learning and growing and achieving a happy, balanced and productive life in recovery.

The next question, probably the most important one of all, is: are you ready to go for it? Only you can determine the answer. Hopefully, you’ve gotten some inspiration and motivation from these strategies so that you are willing to give it a try.

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