Learn form our mistakes

Know going into recovery that mistakes are part of the learning process. This will be extraordinarily helpful and allow you to make smoother progress than if you become so fixated on what you’ve done wrong that you’re unable to continue.

Naturally, no one sets out to make mistakes. That would be a recipe for disappointment. But the fact is that mistakes do occur, despite the best intentions. It is much healthier to understand that you will encounter some setbacks as you try different things and work on honing your skills to achieve your goals.

Consider the fact that learning any new skill, language, improving your knowledge and experience in almost any endeavor requires time. There is also a learning curve. You don’t start out having all the answers. This comes with time and study and practice. When you find that you’ve not been able to complete a task or project or achieve a goal to your satisfaction or as you anticipated, it doesn’t mean that all your efforts are in vain. It is also not a failure. What’s most important in this strategy for successful sobriety is that you analyze what you did that was effective, as well as what didn’t turn out quite as well, and see where you can make improvements the next time around.

And there will be a next time, especially if you take to heart the recommendation to learn from your mistakes. As some have said, a mistake is just an opportunity. It may be an opportunity in disguise, one that takes some effort and practice to be able to see, but it is an opening to new possibilities – if you are willing and able to keep on going on your learning journey in recovery.

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