The lifeROCs program and TAC (Technology Assisted Care) How it works.

Imagine doing well as you begin your sobriety, or.. make it a year into your sobriety.

You are going to 12 step meetings, possibly seeing a therapist once every couple of weeks. You have been to your doctor and gotten your blood pressure under control, and your anxiety attacks have for the most part gone away.

You are eating well, dieting and exercise you have achieved a healthy weight and have more energy than you ever remember. You are giving back to the community at the food bank every week, and are even going to a neighborhood church.

You have restored relations with your significant other, and maybe your parents – or children. Bills are being paid on time, and possibly you have almost secured a line of credit to get a new car that you have been wanting.

Many of us in recovery have been here at this moment Рor one pretty similar.  Life is going well, and a healthy pattern has been established. In active sobriety preservation, we have to remain vigilant. Complacency has become our enemy over the vice that took away everything from us. Please remember, relapse is a part of disease Рnot a part of recovery. The same tools we use to reclaim our lives are the same tools that we need to keep our lives.

Now imagine..

You may find out that the loan will take longer than you expected, so you will not be able to get that car you have been eyeballing. You get into an argument with your significant other, and they remind you of your past mistakes. ( thought you were through that)

The next day two of your coworkers call out, and your boss is asking you to stay late to finish a project or a task. Your child texts you that he or she is having a bad day.

On your way home while you were gassing up at the convenient store, an “acquaintance” from your pervious life walks up to you, asking you how you are doing. You can’t help noticing that they are shaking something with their hand in their pocket…..

This is a reality for people like us. Lets face it, the therapist isn’t on call 24/7, sometimes you can’t get ahold of your sponsor, or a friend. THERE ARE NO MEETINGS at 2:00AM. So take a look below at how lifeROCs can be there for you. Remember – you are a warrior and a success and you have a GREAT purpose!

We all have one of these right? So 1st you will need a subscription to lifeROCs TAC sobriety tool.

Start by watching a video.

Then test your retention with a SCORM quiz!

Do some journaling for your day.

You’ve just spent about a half an hour! need more?

Read some articles!

Listen to some meditation.

Finish up with some relaxation, review your battle plan, read some affirmations, visit our discrete forums. You can spend 5 minutes, or 5 hours on lifeROCs – whatever you need to get you past your stinkin thinkin, back from the craving or trigger – out of self pity. The possibilities are endless. new content is uploaded constantly.

Because sobriety is not just abstinence, it’s a joyful lifestyle-

lifeROCs is the tool you will use for the rest of your life.