lifeROCs 7 concepts

Let’s face it. Recovery from addiction is not an easy task. In fact, change of any sort is usually somewhat stressful and uncomfortable. Whether or not someone attempts natural recovery or gets help, “something” must change. In other words, “something” must cause them to move away from addiction and toward recovery. That “something” is the motivation to change.

Most of us recognize that change is not an event that suddenly occurs. Rather, it is a process that gradually unfolds over time. As this process begins to unfold, a person’s motivation changes.

We know what it is like to be laying in bed Рunable to sleep mulling over your past actions. That is why this program has been created. Our lessons, journaling, articles, meditation РEVERY element of this program has been put together with a base 7 fundamental concepts of recovery.  Select the topic you wish to know more about from the menu above.

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