The Solution

One out of every 10 persons struggle with substance abuse or misuse, with one out of every 3 persons loving someone who is challenged with the same disease. Since the early 1900’s till recently, drug and alcohol abuse had been treated by the Department of Justice – not being recognized as a medical condition. This fact alone has stunted the development and treatment of those who suffer from this condition – stigmatizing the condition and causing individuals to hide their issues in shame. This has become the culture that addicts have assumed. Those who have themselves or loved ones an issue with substances – hide it.

Those who have been caught in the criminal system leave jails and prisons with a permanent mark that hurts them the rest of their lives – resulting in:

  • limited job market
  • limited rental opportunities
  • disassociation with friends and family
  • they still have the addictive behaviors

Business owners and corporations deal heavily with the side effects of addiction, not only in their employees, but in their employees family as well. Those effects can be quantified, but not limited to:

  • loss of work
  • workplace accidents
  • inventory loss
  • lower production

In fact, it is estimated that 600 billion dollars are lost by corporations and organizations every year. This affects all aspects of society – non discriminating. It’s not just the “party scene” users that affect us.

Schools and universities are not exempt. Binge drinking can be routinely singled out in every college campus in America. Schools and universities are continually trying to get ahead of the problem with rules and sanctions. The side effects of using here is more than just higher tuition, they are legal issues that stick for life, like:

  • date rape
  • overdose
  • alcohol poisoning

Therefore lifeROCs is perfect for:

  • Courts and DOC Probation / Payroll
  • Criminal Interventions (Misdemeanor / Felony)
  • Drug Free Workplace Policies
  • 12 Step Sponsors
  • Schools and Universities

Our SCORM tracking is widely accepted in government and governing organizations – DOD (Department of Defense), AMA (American Medical Associations), Universities – to name a few – all rely on SCORM to ensure that content is being retained.

Please do not hesitate in asking one of our team about how you can help provide a stable life of sobriety to your campus, community, or workplace.